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Date: 20th October 2019

It is tough, we see it in the whole of the crypto and blockchain space. ICO are failing one after the other, IEO are raising funds to then shutdown, some exit scams, some just exit. General sentiment is of disappointment and hopelessness. So when some projects still managed to carry on, develop, release and continue their progress, they usually stand out from the crowd.

Such is DMme. Many thought that it was yet another of ‘those projects’, here for a quick buck with nothing down the line. Criticised for not having a real roadmap or whitepaper, we always argued that they are BS (pardon my french) and only relevant to feed crypto-zombies. Road map and whitepaper have been proven time over to be non sense for many project as they are just ‘theories’ and when reality hits, they become out of sync with the development of a project.

First version of the DMme app

So? What is happening with DMme, and why it stands out from so many other projects? Firstly, and most importantly, DMme is no longer a project, it is a product! What is the difference? A project is an idea, something we wanted to do as we believe in privacy and anonymity, especially in messaging app (you can browse the tech news to see how whatsapp and many others are not so secure nor private). We went through the normal processes and ups and downs of any project, but we pushed on, until we stopped being a project, and had our first release of the DMme messaging app. This means that DMme is no longer playing in the ‘kiddie playground’ where lack of funding and trust relay you very quickly to chasing investors and managing your community, but not focusing on your project.

With this first beta release, we allowed beta testers to feedback and debug the overall usage of the app. The list was long of bugs and requested features. Which is normal considering the beta status. We took those on board and went back to the development team to implement. We also hit some bumps on the way, the main one being the encryption protocol that we had to change because it didn’t satisfy fully the developers. Some of the feedback were also related to the overall look of the app, with constructive criticism which highlighted the maybe too ‘simple and kiddy’ interface. So even more things to feedback to the dev team.

Of course, there was some delays, and the updates to the app take sometimes a couple of weeks to be implemented. But, being able to see our app on the home screen of an android phone (only OS currently available for testing) does make a difference personally but also in the face of so many detractors whom never believed in the DMme app.

Light mode
Dark mode

Where are we now? we are still working on the beta version, changing, amending, updating, redeveloping, coding, getting feedback, etc… . The dark/light mode is in progress and from this, we had to redesign the color scheme of the logo, going away from the different shades of green in our logo to a more straight forward black or white. We have redesigned the buttons to be more inline with current trend to to go away from the ‘kiddy’ interface that few mentioned. We are also working on the audio attachment, with unlike most app where the button is hidden in line of the text box, ours is prominent above the text box and right in the middle. We still have many more things to do to have a full working and market ready app, we will get there, that is 100% guarantee!! We do not know how long it will take. Having looked at the competition, we can see that many rushed their release in store without having a fully bulletproof app which in return does not give a impeccable image to the customer.

audio button more prominent
home and chat screens

We are also working on our subscription model. As stated before, we do not want to offer a free app, ‘If it is free, you are the product’ is a moto we are repeating over and over again. Many will argue that many new messaging app are free. Yes but for how long? Until they spend all the funds raised during ICO/IEO? Until they find new source of income and possibly compromise their integrity? Other will argue that Telegram is free and has constant updates and new features. Its founder is also the founder of VK and sold it for an impressive sum. He also invested to generate even more money, so let’s not compare what is not comparable please :). We want to offer a fair price while being able to be sustainable on the long term. And this is where the integration of the DMme token will be very important to provide customers and DMme with a good balance where the use of the token, the subscription model, the monetising feature will come together to make DMme app a new contender in the messaging market!

In between release, we were also working on our tokenomic. From a 5% coin distribution on the 28th September to an impressive 70% of the total supply burn, we are working toward providing a better value to the DMme token. We also managed to add a new exchange to trade DMme with BTC pair, Tidex exchange (You can read my article on Tidex here). And more recently, we finally receive confirmation that our application to CMC has been received and is currently being processed (this may take some time). We are always working toward our product and with our community. For the founder, Mocho, this is a full time job and it shows the dedication of creating a strong product and ensuring a constant communication with the DMme community.

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