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Published by: Bio_Logik

Date: 25th Jan 2020

That is it!!! After all this month and month of work (hard and fun at the same time), THE OFFICIAL DMME.MESSAGING APP IS AVAILABLE IN THE PLAY STORE

Please follow this link to install on your android phone and start privately messaging away. We already have over 100 downloads!!

“If it is free, you are the product”

Once you have downloaded the app and play around with it, please, leave a review in the PlayStore. It will help the app to have a better referencing. At the moment, if you search for DMme/dmme app/dmme messenger, etc.. you will find the app down the list. We want DMme to be at the top of the search. The more reviews, the more referencing, the more people may be willing to give it a go.

For all the new people that will discover DMme messaging app, it is important to reiterate what DMme and this project stand for: PRIVACY. To accomplish this, the dev team has made the DMme app with the following features:

  • No phone number. You just need a email address to start using the app. You can even invent one if you want. You are not tie to your phone provider and no one can ask your provider details about your DMme account as they will not be aware of it.
  • No data is stored on DMme servers. Simple yet efficient way of respecting users’ privacy. DMme cannot read or access any messages. All is stored on the users’ devices.
  • Military grade end to end encryption. A standard for most messaging app.
  • Other app features include (or will include in next release) encrypt file transfer, self destruct messages, peer to peer payments, and much more coming in the near future.
  • Only email address is referenced on DMme servers. It is like a directory, where other users can find you. You can of course block or be in ‘Do not disturb’ mode if you want to.
  • Although the app will be free at first, DMme will put in place a subscription model. DMme does not believe that everything which if free is good. On the contrary.

Although the current version is a fully working messaging app, more features will be integrated in future releases. We already fixed a login issue within few hours of the release. We expect a lag issue to be fixed by the start or mid of next week. Following this and based on the feedback gathered, we will implement more and more features such as allowing/blocking incoming messages, gifs, a help and FAQ section, and settings such as text formatting, sharing option integration, etc… (Thanks to coinspeed#8792 for a great feedback breakdown)

We need to spread the word far and wide. Leaving review is the first step, using social medias, especially Twitter is the second. Do not hesitate to tweet about DMme. The more tweets, the more retweets, the better reach DMme can have. We have done already a Twitter banner promotion campaign where 10 winners will receive 500 $DMme each. The campaign ran for a week before the launch. We are now doing a review marketing campaign, please head to the DMme Discord for more info.

Also, do not forget that we have partnered with 1X2T. How does it work? Simple, hold $DMme in your ETH wallet and a snapshot will occur on the 8th February 2020 at 10pm London time. For each 20 $DMme held in your wallet, you will get 1 1X2T + 100 $DMme just for participating. What is not to like?

We are not stopping here. We have many things coming up with some surprises in store. First, our dev team has started the development for the iOS version, we expect the lead time to be from 3 months onwards. We all know that getting on the iOS platform is more challenging as Apple has more criteria that developers has to answer to and it usually requires more revisions and amendments to the app and its documentation. In parallel to this, the Peer 2 Peer payment within the app has already started. This will enable to send DMme tokens within the app, user to user. We also expect a lead time of 3 months for the integration.

Because we think that privacy is more than a right, it is a necessity in our world today, we are looking at other ways to promote privacy and communication. After multiple discussion within the team and the developers, we came to the conclusion that an EMAIL APPLICATION is a logical continuation of the messaging app. Nowadays, messaging and emailing are the 2 main means of communication (I can’t remember last time I actually called someone). For now, this is in the brainstorming stage, but the team feels strongly about it.

“Privacy is more than a right, it is a necessity”

By creating a privacy focused email client, we will create a full privacy environment. In our brainstorming session, we thought about integrating DMme app within the mail platform, thus giving choice to users to have one or the other, or both. As it will be a subscription model, the price will vary depending on the option that users will choose. Also, we can create a web app version of both. By doing so, we will cover all different aspect of accessing our products. Web app are useful if you need to access messages/emails on public computers or at work where you may not be able to install apps.

We will try to work on both the iOS development and the mail application in the coming months. We will post regular updates on our Discord and Telegram. Stay tuned!


Discord DMme:

Discord IHAB:





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