DMme bi-weekly: What to do while waiting?

Jun 23 · 4 min read
first preview of DMme website

We can all agree, that the common point to all projects, and this includes ICO, masternodes, community, IEO, STO, etc…. is the notion of wait and patience. While it may differ from the nature of the projects, a masternode based project will have always something to say a new update of their wallet, a new hosting or monitoring platform, whilst an ICO will have nothing to show unless their final product is released or at least available for testing or they could fill in the empty space with all the time they spend in conferences and meetings with potential partners, emphaszing that work is still ongoing in the background. The truth is: for 99% of it, yes, the work is still be carried on behind the scenes. There is so much that a project without a final product can do before exhausting its options in terms of showing something to its community or members.

DMme is no different to this situation. We have arrived to a point where as the app is still in development and it becomes increasingly difficult to keep the momentum high in our community. If we were pre swap and still in the masternode business, those weekly/bi weekly updates will be full of news, of latest ‘partnerships’, and latest wallet updates. Fortunately, we are out of this space, but with the downside of facing reality of every project: work is on going, however, this work is not palpable. In our latest DMme, we explained the challenges faced by the dev team and the different options available to us, stay with the same piece of code, improve it to make sure there is no fails or exploits possible or move away from it and develop a new one. We are still waiting on the confirmation from the dev team on which route is the most beneficial for DMme project. We expect to have a clear view next week and we will of course announce it in due course.

Token Allocation Section of the new website

As you can see as per the 2 screenshots, we have started with the design of the new website. While it is in theory rather easy to develop a new website based on the bootstrap framework (after all, it is simple JS, CSS and HTML), it becomes rather more complex and difficult when you have to fill the website with contents. While the specification of our ERC20 token as well as the links to all exchanges and platforms listing us is a given, populating the graphical part of the website becomes more challenging as we have the code side of the app in progress, but not yet the interface. We could (and are considering) providing mockups of the app, even if we don’t fully agree with the principle behind it. We have seen many projects doing the same to then receive a backlash from their respective communities when the actual product was way different from the initial mockups.

Features section of the new website

Having chatted and involved with many projects, this question re-appear more than often, what to do when work is in progress? We see the price dropping, we see members starting to lose interest and community shrinking. Some projects then go into an airdrop and bounty frenzy to try to re-inject some vitality in their project. While this is something we are doing on a smaller scale, through an invite bounty, this is also something one has to be careful about as it could end up bringing more negative than positive. As always, and to end this short DMme update, we will state the obvious from our side: developers are still coding, founders are still working on moving things forward, and team members are still very much involved. We will be providing an update from the devs next week, and hopefully soon the work on the interface will be started, where it will be much easier to showcase DMme product.



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