17 Things Your Restaurant Hostess Wants You to Know

Disclaimer: I’m not complaining about my job, it’s the people.

1. We are not servers.

Literally, the only response you’ll get from me is a fake smile and “Your server will be with you in a few minutes.”

The worst is when we seat people and before they even get to sit down, they spit their drink order out to us… Like first of all, you’re welcome. Second, that’s not my job, bye.

2. Booths aren’t always available!!

And it would be so nice if you wouldn’t give us a hard time about seating you at a table… Sometimes booths are reserved (which is why they might be empty at times) or a server in that section simply can’t take that many tables at once.

3. When you ask us to check on your food, we’ll just go to the back and check our phones.

We’re hosts, not cooks. Also, I literally have no idea what you ordered.

4. Giving us attitude when you can’t wait for your table on a WEEKEND will not make us seat you faster.

Trust me, if I could seat you right now and stop your verbal harassment towards me, I would.

5. We get paid to seat you so please don’t seat yourself.

Unless you want angry servers and bad/non-existent service.

6. There is a rotation and a floor plan, carefully planned out so servers get an even share of tables.

So please don’t rudely point at tables you see that are empty. If you sit there, no one’s going to have time to serve you. I’d love to give you what you want, but that’s not always possible.

7. When we greet you as you come in, it’d be great if you could reciprocate the kindness.

“Hi! How are you guys doing tonight?”

“Table for 2.”

8. We can’t help if there are kids near your table.

Maybe try a bar next time instead of a family-friendly restaurant?

9. The patio will open when our manager says it’s open.

10. This is how we feel when you get surprised about a wait list on a weekend and you didn’t make a reservation.

11. Walk-ins for a group larger than 6 are an inconvenience to your host, servers and management.

We’ll have to rearrange server sections and the floor plan and all the tables nearby on short-notice, while giving no heads up to your server already juggling multiple tables. And that’s if there are even open tables available. Do us all a favour and call beforehand, thanks.

12. We do more than just bring you to your seats. We also take on part of a servers job when it gets busy in the kitchen and the restaurant.

You’ll constantly find us not making eye contact to avoid responsibilities outside of our job description.

We bus tables, bring food out to people while we have no idea who ordered what, all while keeping an eye out on the front with people constantly walking in…

We dread the moments a manager, server or cook screams and asks for more hands in the kitchen. Like how about you catch these hands instead?!

13. If it’s a holiday and you get cranky about wait times, please remind yourself that get to at least eat out and enjoy the holiday, while the employees at the restaurant work to serve you.

Being rude and impatient is never a good way to act around your hostess, especially on holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Just remember that you can be with your parents on this day while your hostess has to take crap from customers all day long while being separated from their families.

14. Most hosts/hostesses don’t even get a small percentage of tips.

We constantly do things outside of our job just to keep customers happy and efficiently manage the flow of the restaurant. Please keep this in mind when you think it’s okay to lash out at the smallest inconvenience you’re facing to your hostess just because they’re the first and last face you see at the restaurant.

The job is harder than it seems, and we don’t get compensated enough for what we go through.

15. I will get yelled at by my manager and servers if you request a table that I’ve already explained why I can’t seat you at.

Some servers can’t handle being double or even triple seated, and they complain to the managers who then come to me.

16. Fact: The food will taste the same no matter where you sit!! Shocking isn’t it??

17. If you’re in a rush and rudely ask for faster service and food to come to you and appeal to your schedule, it’s not gonna happen.

Like if you’re in a hurry and you were smart you’d try McDonalds or other fast food restaurants instead.

Even with all the negative aspects of dealing with rude people, we’d just like to thank you for teaching us how to be better customers when we get to dine out, and more importantly, better people.