How not to live your best life

525,600 minutes, multiplied by how many years you’ve lived; that’s upwards of millions of minutes of life. Millions of minutes, seconds and moments of life that you cover up with 10 second Snapchat stories and 1080 by 1080 pixels on Instagram.

A lot of people have been there, trying to perfect their social media feeds to reflect them being the best version of themselves, deceiving others into who they want them to see them as. But if your VSCOCam editing skills are good enough to make people believe your life is something that it isn’t, what does that even get you? More likes to feed your egotistical self, which encourages even more excessive selfie posting/misleading, filtered pictures, then spirals into a never-ending cycle of narcissism? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for self-confidence, but if you have more selfies than pictures of friends and other things that don’t revolve around yourself, that says a lot about you.

On social media, you’ll find people who have a bunch of selfies with clothes they didn’t buy, often taken at misleading angles, in hopes to prove they can dress well, can afford it, or know a thing or two about fashion. I know people who constantly show aesthetic looking pictures of their textbooks opened up only to close them shut out of boredom hundreds of takes later. There are people who spend hundreds of dollars on concerts only to hear the artist for the first time, from their Snapchat story. People who refuse to post genuine pictures of themselves, living in the moment and being happy, just because it doesn’t go with their feed. Or if they do, they’ll caption it with something along the lines of “Love this girl so much that I ruined my feed for her”, because THAT is the perfect measure of showing affection to someone.

And these are just a few examples…

Anyways, the amount of likes you get, no matter how little or how many, should not define the way you feel or think about yourself, and if it does, I feel sorry for you. I hope you know that filtered images and the right angle is not what makes you beautiful, but the depth of your soul and all that lies within.

As Rupi Kaur once said, something as simple as what you’re born with shouldn’t be what you have most to be proud of, because you are so much more than that.

Your life and what you stand for is so much more than that. And you don’t need everyone to see a falsified image of that on social media.

So stop living your life through the little squares of Instagram, 140 characters on Twitter and 10 seconds of your Snapchat story to look up and see for once, the world outside your limited perspective.