White Privilege Exhibit #30,492

Yeah I beat potential Aggravated Assault & Attempted Murder charges. Whatcha gonna do about it?

There can never be too much evidence or too many examples of something. So let us add this incident to the ever growing list.

Lavinia Woodward aspiring surgeon decided to get an early star on her career by slicing up her boyfriend outside of the operating room. To trivialize this assault and trespass against the young mans life we’re going to call the stabbing utensil a “bread” knife instead of a “butcher” knife.

The judge in doling out his favorable ruling described the deadly assault as an isolated incident “affluenza” if you will.

“She is a good kid with a promising future.” The judge said.

“She didn’t do anything wrong, She didn’t really mean it” The judge concluded after ruling over the criminal act

While this will also serve the purpose of dubiously skewing crime statistics, it also serves as an illustration to how crimes are received and reacted to based on who the perpetrator is.

At all costs we must protect this young white girl from the brutality of the for profit prison system. The privilege of that experience is reserved for the disenfranchised, the poor, and the colored.

Instead of having a violent assault be attributed to her being and an indicator of a pathological leaning towards violence it is treated as a fleeting moment of weakness.

In the future if you get a Dr. Woodward for surgery I would recommend shopping around for a different doctor. Woodward has a reputation for being somewhat of a butcher.

In the words of Dan Harmon:

“Doctors and serial killers both share similar neuroses, it’s just one has the financial support system to get an education and a license.”

In America the difference between ruthless criminals and ruthless professionals is their environment.

Weed out the ones in the poor neighborhoods early by sending them to jail for stepping an inch outside of the law, branding them with a criminal record that will shut doors for them forever leaving them trapped in a cycle where criminality is their best option to earn a living.

But those with privilege like Ms. Woodward can break all the rules they want, be shielded from consequences and then go on to rule the world and rip off everyone else. Our system is set up to perpetuate these outcomes.

Lavinia Woodward, Too big(priviliged) to fail.