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As a Consultant, I’ve had the privilege to work with many teams and projects in a relatively short amount of time.

This not only allowed me to learn a lot from the existing codebases and team members but also to understand the biggest mistakes committed by the teams who weren’t very familiar with Rx and Angular.

1) Not Unsubscribing

I and many others have talked at length about the subject, but this is still the most common mistake I normally see — i.e. not unsubscribing from a stream at all.

This has various consequences such as:

  • Causing memory leaks

Auxiliary Routes can be helpful for both technical and UX reasons: learn why and how to use them with Angular

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Auxiliary Routes are independent, secondary routes that can be added to a page along with a primary route. As an example, we can have a side-menu that lives within the primary route with its own router-outlet: that’s an auxiliary route.

Why are Auxiliary Routes useful?

Why would you want to add auxiliary routes to your application? Well — I would argue there are two good reasons for doing it: auxiliary routes are helpful for both technical and User Experience reasons.

  • In terms of UX, we use them for providing our users the ability to access or toggle portions of the page via the URL. That means you can link your application’s users to deep parts of your application with a simple URL, without them having to click…

Six concepts every Angular developer should explore in-depth in order to master Angular and design well-architected applications.

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Angular is one of the biggest frameworks around: it provides a lot of features out-of-the-box, which means there are quite a few concepts to be able to master if from top to bottom.

There are six specific concepts I think every Angular developer should explore in-depth in order to master Angular and be able to be proficient with writing well-architected applications.

No, knowing its source code is not what’s I think it’s required — although I’ve personally had to explore in a small number of situations.

An Architecture for Cloud Component Hubs

Cloud component hubs like Bit.dev are commonly used to publish, document and organize Angular components. …

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