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UI Consultant & Technical Writer. I write about JS, TS, Rx, Angular & all things Front End 🇬🇧 🇮🇹 — write me at!
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1) Not Unsubscribing

  • Causing memory leaks
  • Causing unwanted callbacks being…

Auxiliary Routes can be helpful for both technical and UX reasons: learn why and how to use them with Angular

Why are Auxiliary Routes useful?

  • In terms of UX, we use them for providing our users the ability to access or toggle portions of the page via the URL. That…

Six concepts every Angular developer should explore in-depth in order to master Angular and design well-architected applications.

An Architecture for Cloud Component Hubs

A step-by-step guide to building and distributing a design system built with StencilJS

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  • extremely small
  • performant out-of-the-box
  • reusable with any framework, or no framework at all
  • future-proof

Learn how to implement the Intersection Observer API using Rx and Angular, and the use-cases where it can help your code be more performant and efficient.



  • lazy-loading images
  • lazy-rendering children components or heavy content
  • lazy-loading scripts/stylesheets associated with a…

An internal style guide for writing code is an important decision that any development team should define and agree on at some point, ideally early on in the project.

An overview of the available techniques to render large lists of items with Angular

An introduction to StencilJS: A compiler that generates web components.

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What is StencilJS?

Is your app slow? Learn what to watch out when debugging poor performance in your Angular apps!

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Top favorite Angular libraries and tools you should definitely try.


  • Development Tools
  • Libraries
  • Testing

Development Tools

1) Angular State Inspector

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