Angular 2 is ugly!
Matthias Orgler

Angular 2 is Amazing


Typescript is … seriously that good. But it does’t mean you got to write Typescript if want to use Angular 2. Really, it’s just another way, you can use ES5 if you want (or even Dart!). So, scratch this point.

You might like Coffescript’s syntax better, I understand this is a very personal choice, but the advantages of using Typescript with updated typings and attention to types is without any doubt underestimated by what you’re saying. Try it out.

Same for annotations: you want to use them? you use them, otherwise there are others ways to get things done.


“IDEs simply cover up bad designs in a language or framework!”.

Well, I do not really know how to reply to this. I just know that since I use Webstorm my productivity has boosted incredibly. Unless you’re using a very old computer, an IDE is way better than an editor. Unless you’re writing some static page. I only see advantages.


Angular 2 is simpler, faster and nicer. It might take some time before mastering it, especially if you’re very used to Angular 1 (I am myself in the process of learning it) but the improvements are so clear I can’t help but to reply to this. You might like React better, it’s OK. They both that great. But Angular 2 is that much better than Angular 1. And I am crazy happy to be able to use it today.