Hi Dimitar Ginev, thanks, that’s a great comment.

Given my experience with this specific task, I am aware things will eventually start to diverge a lot as you’re saying, and while they maybe do belong to some extent to the same hierarchy, things will likely get messy (and lol, they did!).

Generally, I agree with you: initially, we have little information to work with to know how things will diverge unless we’re working within a waterfall environment.

I think mixins help this to an extent; you can easily refactor if inheritance results in less code and the hierarchy works out nicely. I use Mixins as my primary means to share logic, but I don’t rule out inheritance at all.

    Giancarlo Buomprisco

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    UI Consultant, VP @barclays & Blogger. I write about JS, TS, Rx, Angular & all things Front End 🇬🇧 🇮🇹 — write me at gc@frontend.consulting!

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