Modular water bottle anyone? — Golchi

Official Youtube promotional video.

For people worrying about carrying multiple drinks of different temperatures around, fret not for there might be a solution! Introducing Golchi, a vacuum insulated modular water bottle that allows you to not only carry 2 drinks (cold/warm) but also includes a small container for various things.

Note: 11 Oz works out to be 325 mL

What I like particularly, is the added markers which allow you to distinguish the cold from hot drinks in the respective compartments. I’m sure this would come in handy for those who cannot remember where they put their drinks!

Markers on both lids to remind users on nature of the drink.

For those worried about leakage, you will be glad to know that the bottle comes with triple layer protection at both ends. On top of that, the lock-anti-lock thread design further reduces the likeliness of leakage.

How long can it keep your drinks cool/ hot? Well, according to the team, the double walled vacuum insulation keeps your cold drinks ice cold for 24 hours and hot drinks piping hot for 12 hours.

Fitness junkies, tea lovers, mothers on the go & even the ill will certainly find the container compartment useful for their needs.

As it can hold various types of drinks, the team came up with a ‘3 in 1’ bottom lid which has a . Whether it is hot coffee, a juice or just water, users can control the size of the drinking spout by simply finding their way around the movable slider & 3 locking points.

The project will be funded on August 16 2016 if it hits the $30, 000 goal. As of today, 3, 314 backers have pledged $245, 718, way past its goal. Hurry & pledge to this project if you want to catch this at a lower price (20% off)!

What’s so special about this? (TL;DR): Modular system, vacuum insulated, temperature markers, patented drinking spout control, detachable compartment

Price: Currently lowest pledge amount available is USD$39 + USD$15 shipping to Singapore (Total USD$54).




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