Play with your pet…. from work

Come 1st September 2016, The Secret Life of Pets will finally be released on our shores. You would probably have the sudden feels of lavishing much love on your sweet lovely pets at home. Let me help you with that!

The team behind the successful Petcube are back! Just a quick background, the motivation behind this product came after Alex Neskin (Petcube CTO and founder) realised he had to do something about his lonely Chihuahua who would scratch & bark whenever he was left alone- much to the inconvenience of his neighbours of course. In 2013, their first Kickstarter for Petcube Camera was successfully funded.

Now they are back with Petcube Bites & Petcube Play!

Official Youtube promotional video.

The time to revolutionise owner-pet interactions has arrived. Virtual care for your pets is here to stay!

Full features of Petcube Bites.

Wonder what your pet does when you’re not around? Track them through the dedicated Petcube App where you can activate the camera armed with a 138 wide angle lens. Night vision is also available for you to stalk your pet at the darkest hours of the night.

Night vision anyone?

For those who are busy, record your personal messages & program it to play at any time you wish to! Another unique feature is the ability to play fetch with your pet through programmed or on-demand control of the treat dispenser. How cool is that!

The treat container is easily detachable for refill & cleaning. With a capacity of 3 lbs, it can hold up to 100 treats (up to 1-inch). The entire device can stand on it’s own or mounted on the wall- your choice!

Petcube Bites

Unique features (TL;DR): Wide angle lens, night vision, programmed treat dispenser, microphone, motion & sound alerts

Price: USD$149+USD$29 Shipping to Singapore (Total = USD$178); Future retail price: $249


This one might excite the cat lovers! The Petcube Play pretty much has similar camera & video capabilities. The striking difference (apart from the size), is the interactive laser pointer in place of a treat dispenser.

This is a significant upgrade to the original Petcube Camera. Camera features do not disappoint, allowing you to zoom in 4X under poor or no light conditions (night vision). Play with your pet in real time or set it to autoplay if you’re too busy at work/ school!

For the tech junkies, the built-in FDA class IIIa, IEC 3R laser is certified, safe for humans and pets. For obvious reasons, the team recommends that you never shine direct light in (your or) your pet’s eyes.

Petcube Play

Unique features (TL;DR): Wide angle lens, night vision, autoplay laser pointer, microphone, motion & sound alerts

Price: USD$119+USD$29 Shipping to Singapore (Total = USD$148); Future retail price: $199


Visit their Kickstarter page to view the full details of their features & to know more of their Petcube App & Petcube Care! Combo prices are also available!

This project will be backed on Sep 2 2016 if the $200, 000 goal is hit! As of today, there are 844 backers with $116, 137 pledged.

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