The AirBar™ — Make any PC screen, touchscreen

Powered by Neonode’s zForce AIR™ technology, this Swedish baby makes it possible to have a touchscreen experience on your Windows (8 & 10) laptop display! (Sorry Mac users, limited functions as of now!)

Features of AirBar. (AirBar site)

How does it work?

The AirBar projects an invisible light field all over your screen. Once this light field is disrupted, you’re interacting with the screen.

So, what can i use to interact with my screen?

Apart from your fingers, you can use a pen or a brush, no problem! Even with gloves on, the AirBar is sensitive enough to register your touch.

Is the setup complicated?

Thankfully it’s not. Just align the magnetic strip & connect the USB into your laptop port & you’re ready to go. Simple assembly & disassembly, free from extra complicated steps such as touch calibration.

Q & A from AirBar site.

Is the AirBar a one-size fits all?

No but currently they have the AirBar for 11.6", 13.3", 14" & 15.6" screens. Good news, all are available at the same price of USD$69 (excluding shipping- cost made known once product ready).

Product is currently at pre-order stages. Delivery estimated to start end August although this is subjected to change.

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