The Smart Performance Short (SPS)

Tired of running with your huge ass phone strapped around your arm? Or getting slapped in the thighs as your phone flails within your pocket as you run? It’ll be tempting to hold it as you run, but what if you drop it when fatigue sets in?

Fortunately, now there’s the SPS:

PS: I won’t harp on the basic features that a shorts should have. It’s more of the cool features that I feel, will make a difference.

Image from TrueREVO Kickstarter site.

Inner tights with pocket

With a slot in the inner tights, we can secure our phones as we run. Say goodbye to flailing pockets!

Screen grab from Kickstarter site.

Earphone hole

Even with your phone tucked inside, you can still enjoy your music by threading your earphones through the hole & into your phone.

Screen grab from Kickstarter site.

Small back pocket valuables

At the back of the shorts, you have a small pocket good for small valuable items such as your keys.

There’s still 19 days (as of today, 29/8) before the project backing ends. They have exceeded their pledge value of $10, 000 so this project is guaranteed to go through.



USD$35 + Shipping (US$10 to Singapore)

Shipping expected to start Nov 2016

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