So, why we do it ?

Waiting for cash…


For the sake of fame, cash and love. [to feel loved by others, to be precise]

Well, since I answered rhetorical question why bother and type anything more? Why waste more time, more energy, more electricity… to have fun? to “steal time”? to get one calp? two claps? two-fiddy?

Why, oh why, then I do this?


I gave up (since one can NOT erase the account) on facebook back in 2006. because I did not see the point of it at that time. So I signed up for tweeter but since I had no mobile phone that could support internet connection there was no point in that either. For same reasons I did not “fell” for #instagram way back…about 2010. (yepp, fashion arrives with substantial delay in some parts of Europe).

I stayed true to g-mail to this day but it is getting more & more annoying with every “upgrade” [imho] ever since 2005.

For past seven years I’ve been thinking of starting (launching) internet site or blog or tumblr or… something-something… I did try but out of a blue they erased couple of years of my “work”… speaking of different options, I do have flickr account.

it was nice while lasted

The issue here is that none of mentioned provided platform that suited my …mhm… preference.

So I got back to even-more-than-it-ever-was confusing facebook community.


I tried to change my login pass for two days on several occasions ! ! !

Nothing changed.

To try to answer the question I’ll declare: I feel the need to share and to find persons to exchange ideas or thoughts, to ask questions or even to learn something new, hopefully.


I used txt from wikipedia and image found on internet

This question boggled me.

Some of best “thinkers” aka intellectuals of today speak about dead-end alley but no one has guts to say anything straight forward…

My latest readings are noted in my notebook (yes, on paper) as:

  • experts (if any) on that matter
  • new standards
  • ha! “new” ways — noways. Old ways
  • movie quotes (smt like: Old scenes-new perspectives)
  • regurgitation of well known “wisdom” (often attributed to some of new star-like-icon-celebrity)
  • that requires a certain leap of faith

Ok, ok, I can understand all that… no one has time to waste on some century or two old stuff from past… It’ now… new fashion, new trends, new beliefs… but… is it quite so…

As it appears — e v e r y t h i n g is slowly but surely going back to one-on-one.

We will definitely go back to old ways in a sense of interaction. Please, don’t get me wrong, I love this medium platform and that’s why I use it. The issue is what do I have from doing this? Did I share something? Sure I did. Virtual or not feeling is the same.

Who knows… maybe the “old fellas” from far far East were right…

It is all just in our mind