Backbee’s Github is getting simpler

It sometimes happens when you find yourself brought to the conclusion that your efforts and hard work simply get you and your product off the path you first intended it to take.

This first paragraph is the perfect illustration of my point.

While working with Backbee, we realized how complicated and confusing it could be when trying to access our resources. That’s why we came to the conclusion that we now need a clearer and more structured organization. Our community is asking for it, developers and core team member are craving for something easier to maintain, that’s why we decided to start with clarifying our Github organization.

By standardizing our projects names, we intend to scale up our project, and facilitate access to our used-to-be-scattered resources.

Here's the list of the projects that will be modified:

The new Github projects’ naming convention reflects a few changes:

  • backbee/backbee-cms project is now becoming the main project and serves as base to all downloads of the CMS
  • all the mandatory projects will contain backbee in their name
  • all the plugins will contain bundle in their name and are optionals
  • all the themes will contain theme in their name and are optionals

Backbee 1.2

We couldn’t just rebuild our Github organization without upgrading the project’s version. 
For all the reasons above, we’re now officially releasing Backbee v1.2.0.

What’s next ?

  • During the weeks to come, Backbee’s themes functionality will be released to the public on our Github repository. This will help tremendously PHP developers to build their own themes and extend default ClassContents.
  • is going to be remade to simplify access to our network and will centralize more relevant data than before.
  • An exciting project we’ve been working on for a few months… But you’ll know soon enough.

Follow up

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Talk to you soon,

Backbee Team

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