Some Brainstorming + Thoughts

Jan 24, 2016 — Focus for the day: Get started on actually prototyping the materials I plan on using in my campaign.

Problems I’m thinking about: I really like the approach I’ve come up with tackling this problem. I’ve done a ton of research outside of the requirements on projects and campaigns other organizations/states have put in place to get people motivated to do something about energy efficiency. I’ve taken note of the concepts that were successful and putting them all together in my campaign method. The overarching theme of my approach deals with community based social marketing. I want to move far away from infographics and diagrams as much as possible. They’re important but so many projects have shown that people generally don’t react well to that type of messaging. It’s overwhelming to read about! And of course, that’s why we’re doing this project, to figure out how designers can play a role in fixing this problem. How can we better communicate the information so people get it the first time? I’m just not fully convinced that these pieces of well-designed papers will do much.

I’m really seeing this as a systems problem — not something that can be fixed with “good communication design”. This is not about getting people inspired to take action. I actually want people to be doing things and making changes. I don’t want to stop at getting the customer to think about what they should do. Actually do it! And so I think the steps need to start and end with exactly that key word: action. I want the customer to feel like they are doing something impactful every step in the process. It’s about community based action, turning this into a group effort, social pressure, social norms, implementing verbal call backs, peer-to-peer involvement, leveraging social media, leaving the government out of this, building trust, having an incentive that betters more than a single individual, focusing on the need for immediacy, the power of wording…and of course, good design.

I’m going to first work on visually storyboarding my thought process out today in detail, figuring out exactly what components I need for each step.

I need to do more research on what exactly would go on during these community workshops. What’s been done and what worked?

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