Why do you collect what you collect?

Recap: January 12, 2016 — Stacie chose a handful of wind-up toys from her collection for us to observe and interact with during our first class Tuesday morning. I found them to be fascinating, each one having a unique voice of its own. It made me think about the habit people have of collecting things. The person next to you most likely doesn’t collect the same thing that you do. Maybe they don’t collect anything at all. Growing up, I collected stamps for a bit because my Dad shared his collection with me, showing me how to remove stamps from letters sent to me, how to preserve them, etc. I found stamp collecting to be too tiring with so many steps involved. I then wanted to collect mugs but thought to myself, when will I ever need this many mugs? So I did the most logical thing — collect shot glasses. I started collecting shot glasses in middle school. They’re cheap, about $5-$7 for one and small for easy storage. I thought of them as mini mugs. It’s interesting that I don’t really drink alcohol and yet I own over 35 shot glasses. I buy them so that I can easily remember the events leading up to the purchase (usually a road trip or vacation) later on when I’d like to recall those memories. Each shot glass is very unique on its own from height, width, color, shape, etc. Anyways, I haven’t collected any new ones in a while because I haven’t really traveled anywhere. I think it’s funny that all of these shot glasses are in a shoebox in my room, on some random bookshelf. You’d think I would take great care of them, cleaning them up every now and then. I’ve wondered what I’m going to do with all of those shot glasses eventually. Sell them? I’d probably lose more money than profit from selling but to think…$5-$7 for each one, that’s quite a large amount of money (especially when I bought these before having any real part-time job even).

Again, I wonder why people collect things. What’s the point? And why one single object? What’s the difference between collecting and hoarding?

Switching gears and talking about the planning for the second project, I thought the brainstorming of categories that we did together as a class was pretty standard. I took a course over the summer that dealt with topics surrounding design research so we evidently did lots and lots of affinity diagramming, every single day. The way we went about listing topics to consider, reminded me of outlining the content that goes on a Wikipedia page.

For the energy efficiency project, at the moment, I’m a bit stuck in coming up with ideas to motivate community members to change. I was thinking we could make an interactive website or create a mobile app for alerts. If we can’t work that digitally, I would think of 3D model/product design solutions. I thought it was weird that gender was brought up so many times in the paper about the case studies. Sure, men maybe really do enjoy more cluttered space and women enjoy the cleanliness or simplicity of the posters. I definitely need to do more research on my own. I think I need to fully understand the topic first before I can make judgements of my own and ask others for their opinions. I’m looking forward to hearing from Tim tomorrow. I’m curious to know what he has to say!