Protecting Landscapes

The Teton Land Trust serves as a beautiful example of community-driven ecological preservation.

The Teton Regional Land Trust (TRLT) serves as a beautiful example of community-driven ecological preservation. Headquartered where we live in the Teton Valley, it is responsible for protecting the vistas and landscapes that we see every day. In a very real sense, their work has infused the Timeless app and our lives with a commitment to beauty. We also believe that it is a model organization that can be emulated in communities all over the world.

The land trust was originally inspired by a group of locals who love this landscape, its rich agricultural character, and the vibrant wildlife that call this valley home. With awareness of its fragility, they created TRLT to develop and formalize principles and practices that truly work. Partnering with multiple conservation groups, TRLT has grown into a solid organization that works with hundreds of landowners, their families, and locals to protect over 33,000 acres.

As locals who observe and appreciate what the land trust does, we have a few ideas about why they are so effective. First and foremost, compassion drives their effort. The team cares, and they bring this passion into their work. Their strategic approach is holistic, meaning that all facets of the system are included. Agriculture and ecology, science and tourism, soil and water… they all factor in to the decision-making process. TRLT is all-inclusive and non-political: farmers, environmentalists, local businesses, and families all work together. Importantly, the land trust applies scientific observation to target their effort for maximum impact.

​Thanks to TRLT and their willingness to do meaningful work, we have access to beautiful horizons, clean rivers and streams, healthy wildlife, functioning farmland, and a thriving economy. This is idealism put into practice.

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