Ambrosus is more than the builder of Supply Chain 2.0 — It could revolutionize the way we consum Food and Pharmaceuticals


Token : AMB

Takeaways Ambrosus’ facts

  • Ambrosus is one of a few blockchain projects with a real use-case solving real issues. This is definitely a big advantage in this uncertain atmosphere
  • Ambrosus has 20 confirmed partnerships under NDA. Those partnerships add up to more than $300 billion of supply chain/corporate annual revenues.
  • Currently talking with Nestlé (the largest food and dairy company in the world) and Migros (largest supermarket chain, employer, and retail company in Switzerland).
  • Food, Pharma, Diamond, Fuel and several others industries have approached Ambrosus
  • Maximum Total supply is 361,477,438 AMB with only 144,590,975 AMB circulating tokens.
  • Ambrosus is completely compliant against Swiss’ laws and THIS is a big benefit (please continue below to know why). During the TGE, every single of AMB was distributed under the KYC process.

What is Ambrosus ?

There’s no need to describe Ambrosus in detail as this is not the goal of this blog (especially since there are already some dedicated posts about that :-) ).

But even in this bearish day (16th January, I know you know what I mean), I still want to be kind, so to be brief, let’s explain the main purpose of Ambrosus to you like you’re five :

At a high level overview Ambrosus will be the first entity to tell the entire story of food/pharma products as they go from farm to fork or as they are made from lab to the moment the drugs are consumed.

Those links could be useful if you wish to have a deeper look on the proposal :

Ambrosus in a Nutshell

Kazuya’s post

Impressive growth

At the end of TGE (ICO basically) three months ago, Ambrosus’ team counted eight members. Nowadays, the team is growing so much that it now has 24 great experts on each technical domain.

Among those hirings, Ambrosus now has a dedicated Marketing and Communication team to spread the word about the company, especially in Europe and Asia. This new business unit is led by its brand new CMO Elena Yusunov, who has a strong marketing strategy, readable here :

Also, and this is confirmed, Ambrosus can now count on the very skilled Solutions Architect, Prof. Roger Wattenhofer (previously R&D Team Leader at Microsoft and Head of Distributed Computing Group at ETH Zurich), who has his own Wikipedia Page.

Angel Versetti has this ability to hire very skilled personalities with real value-add. In my opinion, Ambrosus has one of the best teams among all “real use-case” blockchain projects.

Still low cost

I don’t know why, but people feel more confortable when it’s possible to buy 20,000 coins instead of 0.000015.

The good news: it’s now time to enjoy buying a relatively large amount of AMB (Ambrosus’ token). Not sure if this will be true in six months.


The big advantage when you invest in a useful blockchain project is that when it is adopted by other companies, even during a big crack, the proposal (and the token) will remain active. This is a big advantage compared to some pure speculative coin without use-case…


As I said, Ambrosus is fully compliant under the laws, allowing it to be :

  • Backed by Swiss Government (they even gave money to Ambrosus)
  • Able to work with public/institutionnal companies

Ambrosus is coming to Asia, huge room of growth

Ambrosus has just hired new Asian community ambassadors to spread the word about the project on this important continent.

We know already that Ambrosus plans to work with famous bloggers and youtubers from the crypto space to help them build a strong Asian community.

Currently AMB is listed mainly on Binance and Kucoin. The community is actively submitting the token to be listed on Bittrex, Poloniex, Bithumb, and Huobi.

Coming News

Because I know every investor expects announcements, Ambrosus is going to release several items very soon :

  • New Website
  • New/Updated RoadMap
  • The Alpha-version of large-scale decentralised storage solution for supply chain sensors
  • An update of what they call CrossRoad, the Decentralized Marketplace


In my opinion, we should prioritize platform investment over application investments. In the close future, Ambrosus aims to become the IT backbone for the product flows of smart cities. Angel Versetti and his team have a great long-term vision and this is a long-term project.

Ambrosus, initially based on the Ethereum platform, is working hard on its own blockchain in order to address well-known issues that Ethereum has experienced and to become independent from Ethereum platform.

FYI: I’m not part of Ambrosus’ team, I’m just a crypto investor who focus on projects with real potential. Don’t miss it.