Simple Trick To Transcribe Audio to Text For Free with YouTube

Mar 25, 2017 · 3 min read

I have been doing a lot of research on how to transcribe audios to text. There are many good tools, if you simply search “transcribe audio to text”, including Google Speech API. However, none of them are free.

When I said YouTube, you probably realized that you may simply upload your audio to YouTube and wait for it to transcribe for you.

It sounds simple, but not everyone knows how to take this advantage from YouTube. I can’t imagine that I didn’t realize it until I saw a post from my friend, Kecheng Fang. His post helped me a lot! Thanks, Kecheng!

Ok. Here’s how.

# Convert Audio to Video

If you are familiar with with converting audio to video, you may use whatever tools you like.

If not, you may try TunesToTube.

Since we only cares about the audio, we’ll keep it simple and keep all other default settings.

  • Upload files (This example audio is from the animation video I made for Na4B)
  • Create video!
  • Go to the YouTube Link

# Patiently Wait For The Transcription From YouTube

There’s no transcription yet :(

But be patient! It sometimes takes a couple of hours to transcribe a one-hour audio.

After one hour, when I refreshed the page, I got this:

Copy and paste the transcription to wherever you want.

Isn’t it simple?

Let me know if you have more elegant way to transcribe!


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