Forever saved, sounds good…right? Maybe almost too good to be true.

Before I continue, some of you will hate what I say next, and some of you will find a breath of fresh air and freedom.

Jesus Christ brings total and complete forgiveness of sins.

Before you run away saying, oh this is another of those Christian stuff, its not.

Let me break it down for you.

Let’s say you watched a porn video … yap I just went there! If you are a believer, you are still forgiven and saved.


Let’s say you cut yourself sometimes and treat your body badly… yap I just went there! If you are a believer, you are still forgiven. To be honest if you do this and don’t really believe in God, God isn’t judging you or blanking you off! He is like, “Am here for you, allow me to show how great a saviour I Am.”

Let’s say you just had an argument with your little brother, and you said something really nasty. Guess what, if you are a believer in Jesus Christ, you are still right with God. Matter of fact you are forgiven even before you said those mean words.

Sins are not just forgiven, they are fully forgiven. Your past, present and future sins are all forgiven!

If you are a believer you are Forever Saved, Forever Forgiven, Forever Loved, without your actions.

Do not underestimate what Jesus did on the cross!

Let me explain…

[1]Therefore let it be known to you and clearly understood, (bro and siz) , that through Him, The Lord Jesus Christ, forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you, and through Him everyone who believes is freed from ALL things…

In the Greek, the word used here for forgiveness is aphesis. It means to be released from bondage, to be pardoned and also to be let set free as if you had never committed the offence. (The New Testament was written in the Greek)

This forgiveness I am talking about is permanent and complete, not based on your actions, but on the character of God. Basically its all about how Good God is.

Apostle Paul in this scripture is saying that when it comes to forgiveness of sins, you got to clearly, and thoroughly understand it; That Jesus Christ brings forgiveness of all sins. The way he pardons you, leaves or taint no mark on you. You may still feel that you are not forgiven, but you surely and certainly forgiven.

Forgiveness of sins is a proclamation. This is what the gospel (Good news about Jesus) is all about. Being forgiven under the cost of another.

The only requirement is to believe in Jesus Christ. This believing is not complicated, it is simply consenting. Anyone who consents to be loved and forgiven for free by Jesus is put right with God.

So just like the parable of the good shepherd and the lost sheep in Luke 15, the sheep allows the shepherd to carry it, likewise allow God to carry you. Just let go of your guilt, heaviness and addictions, and fall on the arms of Jesus. He loves being your saviour. Jesus enjoys carrying your weight of guilt and shame. So let go and allow him to carry your worries.

God calls this repentance.

What does this all Mean ?

It means that every rebuke and punishment you should have received from God because you sin is nullified by the cross. Jesus on the cross took your sins, then he absorbed and endured the full punishment and wrath of God. This is how he purifies you of sin guilt forever. Listen, It doesn't stop you from sinning, however it stops you from receiving any condemnation, guilt, punishment for your sins.

For Example :

Back in the day, Israel used to offer yearly sin offerings. They used to sacrifice animals on an altar to try and appease God’s wrath. This would then formulate as an insurance cover for the coming year. Therefore, even if they sin in course of that year, God would still bless them and protect them from their enemies. (check this out in Leviticus chapter 4). This is why the worship of idols was such a dangerous thing to do. It meant that the sacrifices for sin were not being offered, thus, God’s people were found guilty in God’s eyes. That’s why you find God punishing his own people.

Where are we now, as the 21st Century folk?

Jesus Christ our High Priest today has offered one sin offering for us. Once and for all!

[2] For by one offering (for sins) He has perfected for all time those who are [b]sanctified.(or believe)

Meaning, by this one offering for all our sins (past, present and future sins), we have been forgiven for all time.

In God’s eyes you are still perfect forever.

This is why even if you watch porn, smoke weed or even shout at your mum, if you are a believer, you are still right with God. You are still covered and Loved.

You must understand that as a believer, your sins were all put on Christ on the cross, all of them, including those you haven’t done.

The reason why you may find a believer being bound in some addiction, such as pornography, smoking or even self-harm, is because they don’t know how much they are loved and forgiven.

The cure for sin, addiction and even loneliness is the gift of forgiveness from Christ Jesus. He loves you without any conditions.

Listen, you believer! he is coming back for you. You will be raptured! Not because you are very obedient and don’t do anything wrong, No! Its because you You are perfected forever by the one blood washing of Jesus Christ.

Speaking real…

Maybe you have heard many things about God. Maybe you have heard of him not being real, maybe you have also heard stuff on evolution and maybe you feel that this is not for you and you haven’t really sinned.

Look I have heard the same things, believed the same things and actually thought I wasn't that bad. Let me tell you something, it takes a great sinner to really appreciate Grace.

I personally decided to test if God loved me, and to genuinely see if what these Christians are saying is true. Thus, I made a simple one-liner prayer, and consented to be loved by God without my own actions. I have never been the same again.

So to speak real, don’t just go with what people are saying. Don’t just take what the scientists or the politicians are saying. Figure this out for yourself. Search it out, read my stuff. Don’t become like a flag that follows blindly where the wind blows.

This is the most important decision you will have to make, and yes, there is a Hell. People go to Hell because they didn’t consent to be loved by Jesus. You must understand, no one can reach the righteous requirements of Heaven. Only Jesus can carry you there safe and sound.

So to speak real, do not miss out this opportunity, test it out for yourself, what do you have to lose?

Just make this prayer:

“Lord Jesus I consent to be loved, cherished and cared by you. Amen”

Just write to me if you got any questions.

Stay blessed.


[1] Acts 13:38–39 (NASB- expounded using AMP and my own notes)

[2] Hebrews 10:14 (emphasis is mine)

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