What do you believe?

What you believe has a profound impact on the quality of life you live.

I once had a business mentor who used to say, ‘..well you have a bowl of cereal every morning …or a full English for your belly, what do you have for the mind? You even go exercising ..to look after your body, …what about your mind, your soul, and your thinking..?’.

He believed that we as humans are not just body, but we also have a mind and spirit. He believed that to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to take care of you mind, body and spirit. He encouraged positive meditation, visualising your success and seeing it clearly in your mind. He had us practice repetitive confessions daily, in order to really engage with the success we want to experience. He strictly emphasised that if you loose the battle in your mind, you loose the war all together.

You cannot become a successful entrepreneur if your mind isn’t set right.

It is very interesting to know that how you think and how you reason has a dramatic impact on how you make money, and gain success. Basically what you believe will make you or break you.

So where am I going with this?

I want to understand that ‘right believing’ leads to right living, ‘wrong believing’ leads to wrong living.

Look at the areas in your life that you seem to succeed in. You will find that those are the areas you put the right effort in, those are the areas you followed the right advice , and most importantly, those are the areas you have positive thoughts on.

For example, am good in valuing properties, so, I approach every valuation with a confidence of some sort….. ‘Like I can do this !!!’

However, I am not good in playing tennis, so I fumble about and contemplate whenever I get challenged to a match.

I hope I am being clear.

The things you are good at, you are confident, the things you are not good at, you not confident.

Your confidence plays a big role in your success in that area. Confidence is off course gained in numerous ways, however, the basic principle is that confidence goes hand to hand with what you believe.

Therefore if you can have control on what you believe, you would be able to manufacture confidence, leading you to take right actions with the right effort leading to success.

How do you know you have a ‘Wrong believing’ ?

If you get thoughts like:

· Who do you think you are?…Have you forgotten the mistakes you made?

· Things will never be better.

· You should accept your fate.

· Nobody loves you.

· You have no friends.

· You are all alone.

You will end up making wrong decisions, with the wrong effort, leading you to failure.

These thoughts signal that there is a wrong belief somewhere.

Wrong believing leads to unending circle of bad results and actions. Wrong believing leads to addictions, worry, panic attacks, fear and stress, with end result as failure.

Right believing produces right results.

Right believing leads to peace, confidence, with the end result as success. You end up reigning over all your challenges.

One of my favourite verses from the Bible that really changed my out look on things is this.

Psalms 119:105

‘Your word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path’

Another translation says, ‘your words, I can see where I am going..’

With all honesty, the world is clueless when it comes to dealing with some of the core problems that affect our society. For example, depression, the divorce rates, health issues and Love.

What people don’t realise is that the root issue is their wrong approach towards God. What you believe about God affects everything in your life, in the most profound way.

If you are not a Christian, I am about to define to you what Christianity is in one sentence.

Christianity is believing the right things about God and Jesus. Period!!

The word Christian was a nick name given to believers in Antioch. Before then, we were referred to either ‘Believers of The Faith’, or the ‘Followers of the faith’.

Believe Right and See Right

In the verse quoted above, you find that ‘the right believing’ is to believe that God is on your side and that his word wants to you lead you out of defeat, problems, and any addictions that are bothering you.

God’s word is to bring you life, peace, wholeness, Love, and enjoyment.

Some may say that this is a simple approach. You are wrong, this is the hardest thing you will ever do !!! Believing right about God is as hard as it gets!!

When God light shines, we are defaulted to think that our sins will be seen, leading us to feel condemned. You can see this phenomena across the whole bible. For example, Samson’s father Manoah in Judges 13:22, said “We are doomed to die!”…. “We have seen God!”

This is a very Old-Testament approach towards God. God in this case, came to speak to Manoah and his wife about the birth of Samson, the saviour of Israel from the philistines.

God is for you, and not against you.

God’s light today reveals how clean you are because of Jesus blood.

God is not behind the tsunamis, the earthquakes, your financial problems, your sickness, or even your family problems. Jesus has paid the price for you to reign in all these areas.

We have wrong believing about ourselves, about God, and about our work lives, family lives , and relationships. We need to hear about the word of Grace and love of God. We need to hear about how precious we are to him.

Keep hearing his word of Grace and truth, and the wrong believing will be exposed and dealt with by the Holy Spirit, who loves you , cares for you, and never leaves you. Even when you sin!!

God promises that he will never be angry with you.

Isaiah 54: 9–10,

..Now I promise not to be angry with you again;
 I will not reprimand or punish you.
The mountains and hills may crumble,
 but my love for you will never end;
 I will keep forever my promise of peace.”
So says the Lord who loves you.

This is the new testament statute. God promises never to be angry with you or rebuke you, why? Because the full punishment for all your sins, past , present and future, was fully exhausted on Jesus’ body on the cross.

Now God, looks to you with Love and tender mercies.

This is the word of God that lights your world and leads you out of bondage.

Jesus the Light of the World.

Jesus is described as the light between Zebulun and Naphtali, a great light that leads people out of bondage.

Jesus was full and is still full of Grace and truth, and has a tender heart. He will listen to you whenever you wish to talk to him. Jesus listened to prostitutes, tax collectors and sinners, he will definitely hear you.

Man is prone to darkness because he has been in darkness for a long time, but it is rightly divided word concerning Jesus that brings light.

His light brings you to right believing, and when you believe right, you live right. When you believe right, you reign in life and gain great success.

God Bless You!!