“Change in America has come, it’s time to organize.”

What is your duty & priority during this time of social change?

After 8-years of an intelligent, thoughtful speaking African-American President the state of America’s politics has changed to daily tweets and lies by the Executive and Legislative branches of our US government

The current changes includes the White House refusing to allow videotaping of their press conferences, and it has taken less than pass six months for the 45th president to become the object of a federal investigation. “Oh, the changes that have come to pass.”

It is evident the President Obama time in office has caused changes within America and the Republicans currently in power want to rid the progressive changes and return to their form of government of years past.

The Republican party has attempted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, (ACA) that has saved millions and improved the lives of Americans who did not have healthcare insurance. The health care industry raised insurance premiums, and their lobbyist solicited Republicans and Democratic politicians with millions of dollars of influence to repeal the ACA.

Healthcare in America is a human right

Currently the phrase “Healthcare in America is a human right,” has become popular but Americans refuse to accept or understand that healthcare is a profit worth billions if not trillions of dollars. Now, to change healthcare into becoming a compassionate issue for wealthy healthcare industry is not the change they are seeking, especially when it is not the Christmas Season.

The current US government has caused this divided America of those with and without health insurance along with the rich against the poor. The technology showing the weekly and monthly videos of the police shooting, torturing, and physically abusing African-Americans have further divided us along racial lines.

The terrorist attacks by homegrown Americans go under reported as the media focuses on international terrorism because they claim association with the Muslim religion, further instilling fear and dividing Americans. This is not a change, since America has been doing this since the inception of the America.

The Republican-led Executive and Legislative branches of the US government will not speak of unity, nor has any conservative or evangelical religious leaders while ignoring significant racial issues.
I believe religious leaders are silently praying Americans return to organize religion to fill their pews and coffers? Organized religion has not changed, only bigger in building sizes, air planes, but remaining silent to the plight of American Citizens unless they are members of their congregation.

Over the past 100-years, social leaders like Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Dr. Martin Luther King have shown us the way through non-violence.

Americans citizens must organize non-violent protests to vote out of office politicians who refuse to seek solutions for the unity of America. Our protest must be daily, weekly, monthly throughout the year demanding our representatives support health care legislations for all, reform immigration, and demand their representative speak of peace instead of demonizing enemies in countries where American interest are monetary. No military arms sales should be authorized unless negotiations for peace are established.

Are you a part of the change?

Are you a part of the change?

Because it is every American’s duty and priority to vote out of office politicians who solicit donations from their constituent’s while performing their jobs. We do not expect solicitations from our police, judges or teachers as these civil service workers receive salaries just like our politicians.

We need to vote into office politicians who promise never to take monies from lobbyist or political action committees and to pledge an oath and promise to work for their constituents within their districts and the good for all Americans and not for the profits they can attain for themselves or their families and friends.

These ideas are the changes Americans need.

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