“Is’s On US,” Colleges + Alcohol + Sex = bad decisions


The University of VA will be implementing stricter rules upon the fraternities belonging to the college. Some of these ideas are being recycled and hopefully it will prevent sexual assaults and rape. However several years from now and the scandalous issues will raise its head and again and of course these issues will be revisited again.

I recall my college years and the only alcohol issues I was shocked about, was when visiting several nearby colleges in the Midwest on the weekends, I discovered all colleges were really liberal with allowing students to drink, and I mean really drink.

Solutions to the problem as an old guy looking back would have been a zero tolerance, and I know it would have only driven those who desire to drink into an underground lifestyle. I recalled taking the college pledge and oath to not consume alcohol on the campus.

Now that didn’t stop my roommate and I from having a 50's model refrigerator in our room with a “Pony Keg” inside, covered up with lunch meat, bread and other snacks.

There are many campaigns initiated by non-profits, colleges, universities, state level sexual assault and rape prevention programs and even the current Federal Governments “Its On US” program.


Rape allegations are nothing new on college campuses around the US however the current allegations reported in the Rolling Stone magazine alleged of gang rape on the campus of University of VA in Charlotte VA. was not reported accurately.


The current college tribunal being held at the campus of Florida State University and thousands of others that don’t make the media headlines are a continuous reminder of how allegations made are sometimes never corroborated unless some form of evidence is collected to prosecute.


The University of MO rape allegations of a former all American football player was prosecuted however he had already committed a sexual assault on the campus prior to the conviction for which he was removed from school.


The federal government initiated a program identified as “Not Alone” to combat the issues of sexual assault by providing educational assistance to students, colleges, universities, administrations and provide data on sexual assault and rape.


Under federal regulations and policy a Title IX Coordinator’s is assigned to every college and university who’s role is to institute the sexual misconduct policy. All educational institutions receiving Federal financial assistance must designate at least one employee to coordinate their efforts to comply with and carry out their responsibilities under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which prohibits sex discrimination in education programs and activities.


With the recent allegations of sexual assault, the University of VA has dealt with, and recognizes the issues of alcohol will always will be an ongoing problem among all young adults who drink too much and allow their sexual desires to run amok that lead to and culminating with bad decisions.

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