Trumps Presidential Theories

Ok, for the past year every blogger, political experts and members of academia have examined, and commented about Donald Trump becoming president.

I’ll admit when he announced his candidacy, last year, I laughed it off and refused to comment believing the Republican Party would ostracize him like a family member who committed a sexual offense within their family but never reported the incident to the police.

However, I have a unique money theory.

I ask why self-proclaim billionaire businessman Donald Trump wants to become President of the United States. A job that pays less than what his father gave him as a loan to being his business career. 
It isn’t the money or is it?

Since Donald Trump has not produced his tax returns. Revealing them may indicate he is not a billionaire. Because he has filed bankruptcy in the past to restructured the debt he owes a run for President may drum up business for his cash strap corporation?

A book deal and speaking engagements alone may cover some of his losses. But, what if he could write off the expenses he has incurred since his announcement. If he doesn’t spend Republican matching funds, he could claim a huge write-off. Hmmmmm?

However, my theory of a billionaire bet is reasonably plausible.

He could be running for president based on a bet made with other billionaires. I imagine during the summer of 2015, billionaires seated around a table discussing their profits when Trump bets everyone he could run for president and stay in the race through July of 2016.

The five or six billionaires put one billion dollars each, into an escrow account drawing interest in favor for Donald Trump for every month he remains significant in the race for the US Presidency.

Ever since he won the nomination, his comments and statements would have most political candidates running for any political office completely out of the race.

Hence the idea, Trump does not want to be president but wants to take the winnings of the bet. Possibly to pay off his debt and cover losses within his corporations.

Trump doesn’t want to become President, and he is doing everything in his power to lose the election, with comments accusing the current sitting President as the leader of ISIS. I imagine ISIS leaders and their commanders are shaking their heads at the weird old billionaire and American Politics.

My other theory is, Trump was programmed by a terrorist organization like the movie “Manchurian Candidate” and on November 8th Trump wakes claiming he was hypnotized and cannot be held accountable for his actions of the past 18-months.

Any of these theories are possible since the Republican party will accuse President Obama and the Clinton’s were responsible.

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