the path to the end

the path to the end

as time runs by , years months & seconds . i contradict myself more & more ;when i think.

Time is intricate, the effects even more, it will move, change and inevitable turn everything and everyone back to dust .

but time doesn't move me. i flow with time , moving with it.

ready for whatever is next ,

the desire to live,

the passion to discover ,

the urge to know what lays at the end of the road

id give it all for the stars in the sky and all of its magic. if you want real change well… walk in a different direction.

chasing my instinct one day i decided to take heed to the breeze and follow it,

escape the presumed routine , pilot my own life

without a compass,

without time,

without a map.

no one convinced me

i don’t have everything calculated nor my life resolved. all i have is a uncontrollable disire within me & i hope it never fails me.

i trust in my destiny & on the path that lays ahead

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