make someone or something free of (a troublesome or unwanted person or thing):
synonyms: clear · free · purge · empty · strip
•(be rid of)
be freed or relieved from:
IT IS MORE OF AN ESCAPE . being FREED or RELIEVED from everyday rouitine .it starts with the SUN raising from rest. we start throwing on our gear, mounting our shuttles ,setting out for the day . anticipating the long trip ahead . no plan, no schedule and no destination . following the endless road chasing the sun in the ocean sky . its beauty reflecting off our visors .riding by the world infecting us with the aesthetics of life .
no barrier between us and the road ahead. no cage with four wheels to drown out the music of the birds chirping . engine roaring with vibrations that rippling us. the slow breeze blowing throw our body claiming our nerves. getting lost in the moment ; the feeling of being alive giving us A sense of freeddom of flying
the thrill getting the best of us, racing down the track ,showing out , popping wheelies ,pushing each others limits, laughing at each other, testing faiths .we blame it on our youth others on the emotion ,this road belongs to us. we are riders ,these are the moments we live for ,this is the ACT OF RIDING .
&soon enough .. the sun.. would start to fall right before our eyes..