Blockchain for Social Impact : Here are the Projects You Should Know

A beginner’s guide to blockchain startups transforming our world for the better

Brooklyn Microgrid community event, Photo courtesy of LO3
Helena Fabianokovic of Baba’s Pierogies, Photo courtesy of LO3

Blockchain technology is allowing organizations around the world to create the powerful rails that the sharing economy of the future will run on.

Photo of LO3 founder Lawrence Orsini, courtesy of LO3

Blockchain vs. Cryptocurrency

Blockchain for a Better Economy

“The blockchain is actually this really powerful tool that almost overlaps, word for word, with some of the academic research that’s been done on co-ops,”

Kora staff member with farmers. Photo courtesy of Kora

Not All that Glitters is Digital Gold

Blockchain for Good meet up photo courtesy of Chelsea Rustrum

Blockchain for Cities

Photo of Berkeley City Council meeting by Scott Morris

Blockchain for Education and Aid

Amply pilot project, photo courtesy of Amply

Blockchain as a Public Good

Originally conceived as a peer-to-peer technology, the brunt of blockchain’s potential still lies in its ability to serve as the technological underpinning for the sharing economy

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