Many of us are not accustomed to the pandemic lifestyle. Here are some habits & activities that can allow these months of social distancing to be a time of re-centering and personal growth.

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I’ve been noticing that different people in similar situations have been having vastly differing experiences handling the self-quarantining asked of us during this pandemic. As a service worker, my income has been nearly completely annihilated by the temporary shutdown of non-essential businesses and I normally spend a lot of time in coffee shops — yet I’m still having somewhat of a great time now, with so much ability to think deeply about things and pursue goals I wouldn’t normally be able to pursue.

So since we’re all going to be inside a lot for the next weeks and months, I wrote this post on things I’ve done that have helped me cultivate good indoor habits — behaviors I’ve developed over the years which are now probably contributing to my ability to enjoy my social distancing. I’m sharing them so that others can potentially draw from these things to help them get by and even thrive as our society-wide response to the pandemic plays itself out. …


Aaron Fernando

Intellectual scout. I explore alternate (social & economic) worlds. Then, I report back.

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