#HackLearning: applying educational learning techniques to social media

I recently participated in a Live Twitter Chat focused on education.

My aim in this Live Twitter Chat was to discover strategic maneuvers, ideas, and uses I could apply to my social media posts to increase the attention they receive and the begin to figure out why some are successful than others — aside from the time and platform. I wanted to focus mainly on the idea of content rather than the timing of the posts, although that is a key factor overall.

May 28, 2017 #HackLearning info

This Live Twitter Chat was hosted by @hackmylearning who utilized #HackLearning to organize their session. They also had a guest moderator, @mamawolfeto2. Hack Learning hosts this session each Sunday morning at 8:30 am Eastern. The particular session I participated in on Sunday, May 28 didn’t list a theme or any set questions prior to the session beginning.

I began by plotting a few points of interest I thought could possibly be related to this Live Twitter Chat. Some elements I thought could connect well to social media posts and PR but still relate to this Chat focused on using information gathered from educational studies to find out how people learn best and trying to apply those techniques to social media posts. I was also a little intimidated as this would be the first Live Twitter Chat for me. In addition to reading the provided guide from our class, How to participate in a Twitter chat, I did a quick search and discovered an article from Sprout Social, The Ultimate Guide to Twitter Chats, that helped ease my fears. The article explained that “[o]ne of the biggest challenges for businesses on Twitter is building an active following.” It went on to list some advantages of participating in a Live Twitter Chat and tips on what to expect as a first time attendee.

I used TweetChat to monitor #hacklearning. I don’t think I was quite prepared for the rapid-fire pace of a Live Twitter Chat at first. There really isn’t a way to prepare other than just diving in. I was trying to read everything, but it was too fast to keep up. First things first though and step was was an introduction:

Live Chat personal introduction

Whew! One part down, just a million more to go. I told myself to focus on active participation and let the rest fall into place. It was rewarding to get some initial response from fellow Live Chatters and Hacky (as they were named by a participant in this Chat). It eased some of my fears that I was doing this 100% incorrectly and reduced the building anxiety about keeping up with everything. I even received a helpful tip about next week’s Live Chat from @bradmcurrie which will probably help further my original goal in joining this Chat. Remember this isn’t Snapchat, nothing disappears unless someone deletes it!

I moved on and began focusing on the questions being asked by the host and guest moderator, then scanned the following tweets as quickly as possible. Overall I gathered that focusing major aspects of education and how best to approach teaching people are pretty similar to key aspects of engagement in social media.

Question 1

Q1 reflected this the social media connect the most as the majority of responses focused on the educators’ relationship with the student. This is the key focus for social media: don’t be too sales oriented, build a relationship with your community, concentrate on speaking with your followers instead of selling to them all the time.

Question 2

Q2 answers focused on obstacles faced by educators with struggling students. Answers here were largely relationship focused as well — the relationship of students and their home-life + school, as well as students and confidence.

Question 3

Q3 I thought was important for elementary education. I know that I always kind of floated through school and thought that it wasn’t a huge deal as long as my grades were sufficient enough that my parents didn’t complain. Hack Learning’s advice that show students the value in education should start as early as possible. I didn’t realize the value until college. I feel that this is related to social media and PR because it’s one thing to tell people something, but it’s entirely different to get them to understand something and having a message that resonates and educates them is the whole point! You want your followers to be excited to read what you’re telling them, not see that you’ve posted something and assume it’s not of a level that they need to review it or assume that it’s something they can come back to and dismiss it as not that important if they forget to come back to your post, tweet, etc.

Overall I’m very glad I found this Live Chat and I’m excited to participate next week to further my education + social media cross over uses and ideas. There’s no end to education and I’m just scratching the surface on this collaboration.