I have a brother who is 1.5
David Ng

Thank you for this, David! There is so much I want to write in reply but I’ll have to wait a day or two. One thing I’ve discovered is that there are at least three types of drawers. There are line people, negative space people, and light & shadow people, not to mention 2D thinkers and 3D thinkers. I’ve found that most people who think they can’t draw aren’t line people, but were taught drawing by a line person and, thus, made to feel utterly inferior. In Korea, I met a man who had been told by his teacher at the age of 7 that he shouldn’t even bother to try drawing since he was so terrible at it. My belief is that if a student fails it’s the teacher’s fault for not teaching the student the way he/she needs to learn. There isn’t “one size fits all” in learning.

So in 10 minutes, I gave the poor man a quick art lesson and gave him my drawing tools. The next day he showed me a wonderful drawing he had done of a white paper cup. The day after that, he brought his self-portrait done from a photo. He discovered that he is a light & shadow person so he focuses on tones rather than lines. His drawings are magnificent, but all those years were wasted because of his arrogant art teacher.

Until I can write more in reply, here are two talks I gave about it, if you would like to see some results;

Sebasi Ep.634 To anyone who gave up on drawing | Kristin Newton, Art Educator and Artist — YouTube


Being a creativity catalyst: Kristin Newton at TEDxGreatWall — YouTube

Talk to you again soon!

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