Content is not king

Content is not king!

The second most overused phrase in internet marketing is “Content is king”. It comes in very close behind the phrase “the money is in the list”. If there are two phrases I would like tossed out of marketing, its these two.

Neither phrase is true! Or you could say both phrases are only half truths. The fact is content is not king.

Content is not king. Believing content is king is kind of like believing “if you build it they will come”. Seriously if you build it, no matter how good the content is, they will not come — they won’t even know it exists.

It doesn’t matter what method of marketing you use, marketing is the true king. You can’t build a list unless you first understand how to market that list. The act of building a list is not within and of itself marketing. You have to market splash pages and lead capture pages to build a list.

Equally you can create the most amazing content in the world, but you still have to market that content to get others to view it. So how in a world of marketing can we claim the content is king or the money is in the list, when to create either of those situations you first have to know how to market! We can’t content is not king.

The truth about marketing is its all about branding ones self or ones business. It is the practice of taking an otherwise unknown thing, and bringing attention to it.

Marketing is a lot easier than most people think if they learn to drown out all the noise and bad advice and instead realize “content is not king”. You join a website, you make yourself known on that website, and you create a bunch content on that website.

You take the content and you share the links to it on all your communities and social accounts. After you get well known on the website, you focus less on it. You come in once a week and add content to it. Having good content is important but content is not king, the act of sharing and marketing it is.

You join another site, and you do the exact same thing.

Those who consistently find your content and share it with others, are people you reach out to. You ask them for one on one conversations.

When you have a conversation with them, you don’t ever start out asking about or sharing anything about business. First ask how their day is, then ask why they like your content. After those questions, follow up asking them what they do. Let them pitch to you before you pitch to them.

If you think your business or service will help them with whatever they are pitching, tell them. Otherwise, don’t bother. If they ask just tell them what you do will have no interest to them.

This is the essence of community building and prequalifying using communities. A couple months of this practice, is worth more to me than all the lists and all the great content that could exist. So again content is not king marketing is!

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