The Social Media Marketing Dilemma of 2017 pt 1.
Jan Johan

Part of the problem seems to me that you are starting with a faulty question.

How do you tell an industry that their perception of value is wrong?

Their perception is not wrong, yours is. You keep mixing terms back and forth that have completely different meanings.

You can’t question

The topic: Social Media marketing and audience outreach

While trying to use measurements of advertisements. Advertising is not marketing. You can’t evaluate them in the same way. Its not the industry with a wrong perception — its you — in that you seem to think the industry is measuring both marketing and advertising using the same stats and formula’s and that is not at all the case.

Marketing is not measured by the number of clicks, its measured based on the effectiveness of the user to follow through to carry out an action after an ad is clicked.

In other words — that infamous a-b testing. You are getting people who are slightly taken back — because they have no idea how to answer a question that actually can’t be answered — because the asker first needs to understand marketing and advertising are VERY separate things.