Pretty close.
Marla Hughes

Well I have always claimed to lean conservative — and I still do. But I must admit the reason I randomly call on you, is because you opened my eyes to what the GOP really stands for and what conservatives really are. I actually went home and told my dad that everything I had been raised to believe were the core values of republicans, we in fact the opposite — things like big vs small government.

Sadly, it makes me feel more alone in the world than ever politically. I feel like no one can see clearly no matter what the party. I genuinely believe hate is in control in america — so to me its only a matter of time no matter what direction we go until things start to really get bad…. cause despite everyones over dramatic fear — trump, just like obama, is setting the stage for times ahead. Its my grandchildren and their children (neither of which exist yet) that I worry for.

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