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Well then lets converse with me, because I am equally not party to either side and simply want truth. You talk about polluted truth while failing to explain your own polluted truth.

You quote Julian Assange as if he is a trusted source? Really? Where does wikileaks get its information? From government leaks? Are you sure about that? Isn’t it funny that 90% of the leaks they have released in the past 18 months have not be backed by reports of Anonymous admitting hacks, no has any “mole” surfaced… yet ever sense snowden — magical documents keep getting released…. and they are always of a time dated a few years old or older — never within the past 12 months.

Isn’t it also odd that snowden, is a “whistle blower” who met Putin and received asylum in Russia? Now isn’t it equally ironix that Wikileaks has exposed more government corruption and corporate corruption than anyone else in the world — and yet never once have they released anything against Russia.

Now if you really want to get into dishonesty how come you are not talking about the exposure that the American media is not nearly as corrupt as trump claims, but rather he polluted it by buying his way into the white house paying off some of the largest click bait news organizations in the world — and this is NOT a conspiracy. Factually thats is EXACTLY what he did. That is a russian tactic.

It is the process of creating distrust in the media so the public cannot distinguish your lies from your truths. The people didn’t vote for trump, click bait media was used against the people to make them believe false truths about Clinton so they voted against her.

You know and I know, despite you trying to defend trump — something incredibly sinister is going on. If you deny it, you are simply a person in denial. Its like looking at a puzzle and demanding proof that the pieces are all there — before you even try to fit them together.

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