Did you tell him that that’s a new development? :-)
Marla Hughes

What I was raised to believe is the GOP was for small government not big government so as to protect the rights and liberties of individuals. Its very likely because of people like me raised to believe this that the world is in this state.

What I told my dad is that in fact the exact opposite is true. Historically it was the GOP that used big government to stop local governments from trampling on the rights and liberties of individuals — and it started with the forcing of states to free slaves — which has some ironic parallels to todays world in that a vast amount of southerners feared Abraham Lincoln supported what we would today call Totalitarianism or fascism.

In any event, I think its this vast misunderstanding — that is where problems lie. As I have always said, I don’t really identify as any specific label — but I am certainly against progressive liberalism. Historically it doesn’t end well.

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