A Woman’s Work

I’m here on my knees again…

it’s my weekly reflection

tiles cold, hard,

unforgiving against bone…

my penance (?)

bent just over the edge

breasts heaving with

the exertion

as I plunge my hands

up to the elbow

in the tub filled with

hot water and soiled clothes

I push and pull and

swirl them through

the soapy water,

while I push and pull

and swirl thoughts of

you through my

tortured mind…

a few tears

will go unnoticed

in a tub full of dirty water

a flowing faucet

will muffle noise

should I care to really

break down and cry

In the end,

I may not have you,

but the clothes will

be clean…

until next week,

when I’ll continue on

with my woman’s work

From Soul Echo, 2010

(ISBN10: 1448927056, ISBN13: 97814488927050)-out of print

Publishers: Please direct all acquisition enquiries for this title (with attendant new ISBN), to hh.christina@royaltransylvania.org