Moon on a stick.

Don’t think big, think small. How thinking about your idea as small as possible can produce a bigger product.

I’ve seen it a hundred times over and heard multiple terms for it. “Moon on a stick” seems to be the most popular and humans are forever wanting the next Facebook, the next, the next eBay. It’s an infinite loop of trying to eclipse the previous product. But startups and individuals have the upper hand when it comes to challenging the giants, you just don’t realise it yet.

Where did those Goliaths come from, and how did they get to become so huge, the competition has to be Google et al?

All these companies have a similar beginning. was started in a garage in Washington. Facebook was started in a sweaty dorm. eBay was a little hobby on the side. Google was slightly different and was a university research project. All started with a passion.

All these companies have a similar beginning. started exclusively selling books. Facebook was Harvard only for a good while. eBay’s first auction was for a broken laser pen. Google had an intelligent yet simple “Pagerank” algorithm. All started with a focus.

All of these companies have a similar journey. They’ve all developed into something very different from their day one humble beginnings and have evolved into something we all use day to day. But at the heart of all those products and services are the original ideas in which we were all consumed by, and regularly use on a day to day basis.

Keep it simple stupid.
It’s best to do one thing really, really well. - Google

So what am I getting at? Well, it seems us humans think we need more functionality, more fancy graphics, more everything. But you’re wrong. Take one of Google’s defining principles; It’s best to do one thing really, really well. Their thing is, and always will be Search.

Start with a passion and an idea, and start small. Get that small idea or product out there quickly and in a simple form or you’ll end up in that infinite loop of trying to beat yourself and your competitiors. At the root of all great experiences lies a simple idea, with simple beginnings and a simple journey. That small idea can then become the basis of your journey, and starting small will allow you to grow with the product and test it out.

So the next time someone comes and asks for a moon on a stick, slap them round the face and tell them you first need that small stick and eventually you may even get close to the moon.

Mark over and out.

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