0100 Campus, a place that will help you grow

It´s been more than 3 months now since 0100 Campus opened its gates for the first time in November 2016. Now the space is full of life with people working, discussing their ideas, learning new things and just simply hanging out.

Opportunity to network

For those involved it has been a perfect opportunity to expand their professional as well as personal networks. There are people from 14 different nations currently in the office and of course the working fields of these individuals are very widespread so a person can get helpful advice on any issue they are currently working on.

The community manager and other members of the 0100 Campus team are encouraging members to get to know each other by helping to organize and promote various activities such as informal breakfasts, brunches, masterminds, movie nights or teambuildings — for example the last one took place nearby at Coney hotdog which included a hot-dog eating contest.

Opportunity to learn

Also all members of 0100 Campus gain an opportunity to find out about new ideas, concepts and be inspired by successful start-up founders and entrepreneurs who visit the coworking place for either informal chats (brunch or Tea at 5pm) or for more formal events like StartUp Grind Bratislava.

For example, one of the last attendees was Ondrej Kratky, Co-Founder of Liftago, the most popular Czech urban mobility app aiming to replace the need for ownership of personal cars. Also on 19th of February we hosted Andrej Kiska, who is a well-known partner from the Prague-based venture capital fund Credo Ventures covering early stage startups in Central Europe.

While all these events are open to the public for a fee (usually between 5–10€), members of the co-working space have access, free of charge.

More benefits

0100 Campus offers many more benefits, besides those mentioned above and obvious ones such as coffee and high speed wifi or cable internet. Members can also make a use of accounting and tax advisory from trained accountant and legal advisory from experienced lawyers. Our partner Webglobe offers our members free hosting and cloud services. For an extra fee, members can also get private parking or a company address and postal service.

If you would like to join 0100 Campus and become a part of a community that wants to have an impact, let us know at sandra@0100campus.com and try your first day for free!

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