0100 CAMPUS PRESENTS: Marek Zamecnik, Partner at 0100 Conferences

Marek Zamecnik is one of the four co-founders of 0100 Ventures. The other two; Michal Pasko and Dusan Duffek were his high school classmates, while the fourth one; Martin Hauge, he met during his stay in Malaysia. Marek´s academic résumé includes several foreign universities such as Université Paris Dauphine, Oxford Brookes University, Copenhagen Business School and the University of Manchester. After finishing his studies he worked as a venture development manager for a company based in Malaysia, soon leading a team consisting of 15 people in both Kuala Lumpur and Zürich. Marek is now back in his home country of Slovakia, ready to take on the next big challenges of his career.

Marek Zamecnik

Why did you decide to move back home?

“Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia is on the equator so there is consistently 35 degrees and 98% humidity the whole year round. Also we had to work every day from 9am till midnight so I felt really exhausted after a year. However, during my time there we managed to achieve what we wanted, so I felt it was the right timing for me to move back to Slovakia.

I got in touch with Dusan and I found out he was also working in the startup world. I had some know-how and network from Malaysia including Martin Hauge, one of my best friends. Together we created RubixLab where we aimed to attract foreign companies to come and work from Slovakia. After that we joined forces with Michal Pasko and created 0100 Ventures.”

What exactly is your job within the company?

“I’m responsible for 0100 Conferences where we connect managers of VC funds together with LP’s. The first conference took place in Vienna and now we’ve expanded to six different locations. This vertical is very popular in the exclusive hubs such as London or Frankfurt, but there is nothing in this region, which is why it made sense for us to organize it as a part of our concept. Through the conferences we expand our network and gain access to capital at the same time. For example, we managed to initiate the first contact between Martin S. Hauge and Aeromobile that later on resulted in an investment.”

0100 Conference in Dublin

How does the organizational structure work? Do you have a team member in each of those six countries?

“No, all members of the team sit in our coworking space 0100 Campus in Bratislava. Every conference has a conference director and the team consists of people from Slovakia, South Korea, India etc. so it´s a very international group.”

What was the biggest challenge when starting with conferences?

“To build a brand around it. People are hard to get in touch with, but fortunately we had personal backgrounds and an existing network within this field. The most important part is to get the big investors there, while also creating value for the participants as these conferences are fairly expensive.”

What are the plans to the future?

“We would like to expand on to different markets and organize more conferences in the regions where there is growing VC and LP interests. As was the case for Bratislava and Prague, we want to find the right markets with the opportunity to grow.”


What do you think about the article in which the Financial Times recognised this region as “Danube Valley”? (https://www.ft.com/content/8bc3f48a-09ad-11e7-ac5a-903b21361b43?mhq5j=e3)

“It’s great to have promo like this since many people think there is nothing going on here. Foreign investors usually don’t know anything about the entrepreneurial landscape in Slovakia. This was also the case of Martin S. Hauge who later on invested in Aeromobile. I see a huge potential in this region we have Bratislava, Vienna, Brno, Prague and Budapest, all in very close proximity to each other. Investments are growing here but we are still at the early stages. A lot of work still needs to be done but I see a lot of potential in future, and this also the feedback we have received from foreign investors visiting us here.”

Do you want to participate in this challenge?

“Yes of course! We (0100 Ventures) are here with an international co-working space and also with the conferences taking place in Vienna. I believe we can play a huge role in this process.”

If you would like to join 0100 Campus and become a part of a community that wants to have an impact, let us know at sandra@0100campus.com and try your first day for free!

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