0100 Campus presents: Martin Herman, Powerful Digital

“0100 Campus is like a small Silicon Valley“

Despite his young age, Martin Herman has a lot of experience under his belt. He started developing mobile applications when he was only 14 years old. After several locally successful projects, Martin co-founded social startup Droppie and managed to get all the way to San Diego — a place not far from Silicon Valley. Now he is back in Bratislava, and together with a team of around 8 people, he runs a creative software studio called Powerful Digital from a medium-sized office in the 0100 Campus. “You have to be in the center of action. If something big is going to be created in Bratislava, I think it will be here.“

Martin got to see Silicon Valley when he was only 18 years old, thanks to the social app Droppie he co-founded “We were looking for funding and managed to get in talks with several investors. During these talks we were advised by several mentors and ultimately ended up taking money from one of them.“ Martin explained his road to San Diego. “We visited Silicon Valley pretty often, as it was just a half hour flight from us.“

But Droppie didn’t work out and Martin returned to Slovakia. “When I got back from the US after a year, my parents told me that I either had to go to university or earn my own money. So I started working on some projects as a freelancer. In the beginning I was alone, but as the number of clients grew, more people joined in.“ That’s the story of how Powerful Digital was born.

Nowadays the creative software studio works with companies from various countries such as Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, USA etc. “I think our main advantage compared to our competition is that we treat every project as our own startup, so we provide a full package — from software development to various consulting services.“ Martin says continuing to explain the situation. “We enjoy working with clients, that really involve us in every stage of their project. If we have 5 new clients a year it almost feels like we’re launching 5 new startups. We gain a lot experience this way. “

And what´s the vision for the future? The answer to this question might really surprise you. “We would like to get into machine learning and AI in the medical and food industries. I think there is plenty of room for innovation when it comes to automating many processes such as diagnosis of medical conditions and the way we grow food,“ the CEO of Powerful Digital explains enthusiastically. And he finishes with one last statement. “I just don’t want my next project to be a random app that isn’t a part of a grander, long-term vision.”

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