Introducing the Swiss Re Hackathon Bratislava venue: 0100 Campus

When choosing a hackathon venue there are many many options one can consider and it is easy to get bogged down with details. But at the end of the day, the simplest reason is usually the best, and it doesn’t need more justification than feeling good. A space for a hackathon needs to be creative, open, innovative and inspire futuristic thoughts, and all of these can be found at 0100 Campus. The furnishing is simple, yet practical and modern, colorful and relaxing. The space was designed for the single purpose of inspiring innovation, for when not used for hacking, it’s a coworking space for entrepreneurs. The downstairs cafeteria was inspired by Blade Runner, bringing out multiple generations of sci-fi cult lovers, only further enhanced by the prototype android receptionist occasionally found at the entrance.

To give a brief overview of 0100 Campus; as mentioned it is a coworking space and part of 0100 Ventures, a company builder working on developing new projects and furthering entrepreneurship in the CEE region. There are a wealth of events every month, focusing on everything from teaching children to code, to bringing in international influencers and venture capitalists for a public interview. Many of these events leading up to the Swiss Re hackathon will focus on topics of interest to the attending hackers. The founders behind 0100 Ventures are entrepreneurs themselves, coming from various different background and with a wealth of international experience from Europe, Asia and the US.

0100 Campus is located in Mlynská dolina next to the technical university and the campus dorms, providing access to close to twelve thousand fresh engineers while still being a mere ten minutes from the city centre by bus. Next door one can also find cubicon, a small mall with both food and shopping allowing for easy access to entrepreneurial fuel. Those attending the hackathon will have easy commute to and from the city as well as to offered accommodation, though naturally the option is always there to bring a sleeping bag and code through the night.

For those seeking a complete runthrough of 0100 Campus, there is a youtube video presenting all the features of the coworking space:

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