Live. Laugh. Love. LEARN!

Through life, we experience a lot of things; good, bad, regular things, it depends on you how you absorb this experiences.

In my case, I’ve recently discovered that even very bad experiences teach us lessons, the most valuable ones. As they say “we learn from our mistakes”, and that’s completely true. I used to give up whenever something went wrong instead of pushing myself to make it right. It doesn’t matter how many attempts you need, because in the end, the satisfaction of achieving any goal, is bigger than any disappointment.

This semestre is my last one, and I have to choose whether to graduate with an exam or by making a thesis. I guess it’s easier to answer to some questions and get done with it. However, I chose the thesis. My classmates wondered why; it’s not necessary, it’s not even a requirement to study a masters. It’s a challenge I made to myself, a way of learning, a way of growth and self achievement. That’s why I’m doing it, for myself. And I know it’s gonna be hard and it’s gonna take some time, but I also know it’s gonna be worth it and I’m going to feel very good when I’m done with it.

Life is about learning, we’re learning all the time, even in the subway, when you’re listening to the girls talking behind you, there’s something they’ll say that’ll make you learn something. Let’s embrace it, let’s embrace life.