We need all of our emotions for thinking, problem solving, and focused attention. We are neurobiologically wired, and to learn anything, our minds must be focused and our emotions need to “feel” in balance. Emotional regulation is necessary so that we can remember, retrieve, transfer, and connect all new information to what we already know. When a continuous stream of negative emotions hijacks our frontal lobes, our brain’s architecture changes, leaving us in a heightened stress-response state where fear, anger, anxiety, frustration, and sadness take over our thinking, logical brains. (

Emotions are key for learning, even for kids who experiment any kind of learning trouble.

Jacques Delors defined 4 pillars of education:

Learn to learn
Learning to do
Learning to be
Learning to live together

These pillars can be addressed with the tools of metacognition, according to Valentin Mendez, as it can be programmed the brain so that the pulses are inhibited and compassion be sought, understood as: “Awareness of discomfort and healthy desire to alleviate” .

To achieve this pain it must be recognized, intending to get rid of it with good will and make a gesture of self-care.

This is appealing to the mammal care system, but applying it to oneself.

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