Livecoin admins may have stolen almost 60 BTC over the past three years

Originally published on CryptoHuff is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Belize that has been operating for over five years. It has more than 600 market pairs, generates roughly $25 Million in trading volume per 24 hour period (according to CoinMarketCap) and has many happy, satisfied users we imagine. In and of itself, it is not a scam.

However, some rogue members of the official Livecoin team are running a scam that, unfortunately, the 01coin Community fell victim to. We would like to recount our experience in hopes of preventing any other cryptocurrency projects from suffering a similar fate.

The zocteam executive recently got together for a conference call to discuss plans and timelines for various development goals. As a result, we have a clear vision of the road ahead. Although the purpose of this Project Update is not to recap that conference call — a lot of the details from it are included here.

Community Updates

  • Before we get into development news, a few notes related to the 01coin Community...
  • For Valentine’s Day, Graviex hosted a picture contest. …

It’s a new year in zocland (and everywhere else for that matter), bringing its concomitant new hopes and new dreams. This is the year 01coin will finally reach its goal of becoming the most community-centric project in all of crypto. To follow are some updates describing what is happening now to help bring that goal to fruition.

Community Updates

  • First, some exchange news. As you might recall, ZOC trading markets were closed for much of September and October as we worked to solve various chain stability issues. All of our markets have since reopened, with full deposit and withdrawal functionality.
  • Notably, this…

Over the past several months, a number of zocteam members took time away from the project to focus on work, family and life in general. Although progress in the project did slow over the summertime it by no means stalled completely. Most zocteam members now have renewed availability to work on advancing the project, and so renews our Project Update series. This Project Update will give a cursory overview of what has been occurring since our last update all the way back in June.

Community Updates

  • Admittedly, this is the area of the project in which we have been most remiss over…

In order to participate in network consensus, your 01coin node must remain in sync with the rest of the network. Your node is pretty good at taking care of that all on its itty-bitty lonesome, but sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes a single node can get stuck, and sometimes a big chunk of the network can hive itself off onto a sidechain.

Following these simple steps laid out in this quick reference guide will help you get your 01coin node back in sync, and smack a smile back on your face just like Justin Timberlake circa 1997.

Justin Timberlake’s 01coin node is NSYNC

1.) The first…

In honour of the summer solstice, this is going to be the longest Project Update of the year. Just kidding! It will be normal-sized. Promise! In this Project Update, we have some useful information for Noir and FD Reserve users on, some new functionality for Discord users, and a look-ahead to our upcoming wallet release.

Community Updates

  • The 01coin Discord server still does not have any Nitro boosts. This makes the 01coin Discord server sad 😢. If you have a Nitro subscription and love 01coin, visit here to learn more about Nitro boosting.
  • Talking about the 01coin Discord server, our beloved…

For many of us, the days are getting warmer and longer. Some may be having to shut down or reduce their mining operations. But the 01coin project keeps humming along regardless. Let’s bring ourselves up-to-date with the latest news from the 01coin Community with this Anthology of Activity: the 01coin Project Update.

Community Updates

  • As you may already know, Discord is the primary hub for 01coin Community engagement. Recently, Discord added a new feature called “Server Boosting.” This is a feature that allows those with a Discord Nitro subscription to “boost” their favourite server. …

It’s everyone’s favourite time of the month — 01coin Project Update Day! Yaaaayyyy! 😁

Community Updates

  • From the outset, we have always planned for 01coin to become the most community-centric project in all of crypto. To that end, we continue to work towards implementing the most robust, representative and easiest-to-use governance architecture in blockchain history.
  • But that remains a work in progress. In the meantime, we have implemented the project’s community-centric stance through something called the Chain of Trust. …

01coin continues to work towards completing our immediate-term tasks that we identified during our planning & coordination meeting on April 19. In this instalment of the 01coin Project Update, we highlight what we’ve been working on over the past two weeks.

Community Updates

  • The Migration Sale has ended. It was a fairly successful sale, resulting in 14 new client sign-ups, 31 new VPS orders, and two referral reward cash-outs — one of which went straight into the ZOC donation address (thanks!). …

This 01coin Project Update comes a little later in the week than usual. Our apologies for the delay! We shan’t delay any further, though, so let’s dive right in…

Community Updates

  • The zocteam executive held a planning and coordination meeting on Good Friday (April 19), during which we discussed a great many topics related to 01coin for nearly three hours. To find out what we talked about and get a sense of what we’re going to be working on, you can check out the Meeting Minutes here.
  • We are delighted to welcome AEON COIN (german) to the zocteam executive! She has worked…

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