Preferred keyboard manufacturer for Lenovo thinkpad T430

With a total of three suppliers for Lenovo’s business line of thinkpads the preferred manufacturer for many fanatics are ordered for their tactility and general feel as such:

  1. LTN (LiteOn),
  2. CHY (Chicony), and
  3. SRX (Sunrex).

Besides being able to pick between a manufacturer each manufacturer has produced its keyboards for different regions. Additionally, Chicony and Sunrex offer versions with backlighting which LiteOn does not.

Comparing the FRU list by Lenovo for the X230, T430, T530, and W530 one is able to see that the keyboards are interchangeable. If the module fits into a 12.5 inch X230 it will also fit in a 15.6 inch W530.

Three main variables make up a specific ID that translates into the FRU. The individual manufacturer, the language or region, and the option for illuminating the keys.

GER stands for a German layout while USI is short for a layout for the US and international QWERTY layout. B/L is thus short for backlighting.

An often preferred but non-backlit LiteOn can be found under FRU 04X1307.

More importantly, backlit Chicony keyboards with a USI layout carry the FRU 04W3093 or 04Y0558 while the German layout with the same properties is listed with FRU 04W3075 or 04Y0540.