How to adjust the size of the jaw crusher outlet

Jaw crusher with crushing ratio, good performance, high efficiency and so on. We know that the jaw crusher can be adjusted to the mouth, according to customer needs, to adjust the crusher outlet. So how do we adjust the size of the jaw crusher outlet?
 With the continuous wear and tear of the tooth plate, the outlet gradually becomes larger and the product becomes thicker. In order to obtain the qualified product size, it is necessary to adjust the size of the discharge port regularly, that is, the adjustment of the discharge port. There are two main types:
 1, gasket adjustment, that is, in the rear thrust plate behind the support and the rear wall of the rack put a set of gasket, increase or decrease the number of pads or change the thickness, can achieve the purpose of regulating the discharge port. This method is compact, reliable, large, medium-sized jaw crusher with this adjustment method.
 2, wedge adjustment, is placed on the back of the thrust plate and the frame between the two wedge adjustment, suitable for small crusher.
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