PCL1025B sand making machine

PCL1025B sand making machine is a crushing machine is also called sand making machine, is an international advanced level of high-energy low-power equipment, its performance in a variety of fine ore equipment plays an irreplaceable role, is currently the most Effective, practical and reliable gravel sanding machine.
PCL1025B sand making machine
PCL1025B sand making machine parameters:
Maximum feed grain size: 60mm Motor power: 132 × 2
Production capacity: 100–200t / h Weight: 16.5t
working principle:
 The material from the hopper into the crusher, the material will be divided into two parts by the feeder, part of the feeder into the middle of the high-speed rotation of the impeller, the rapid acceleration in the impeller, the acceleration up to hundreds of times the acceleration of gravity, and then At a speed of 60–70 m / s from the impeller three uniform flow of the projectile out, first with the distributor around the self-falling part of the material impact crushing, and then together to the impact of the material on the vortex chamber, Is the material lining rebound, obliquely impact to the top of the vortex cavity, but also to change its movement direction, deflecting downward movement, from the impeller flow out of the material to form a continuous material curtain. Such a piece of material in the vortex crushing chamber by two or more times the probability of impact, friction and grinding crushing effect. The broken material is discharged from the lower discharge port. And the circulation of the system to form a closed circuit, the general cycle of three times the material can be broken into 20 mesh below. In the whole crushing process, the material is self-impact crushing, not in direct contact with the metal components, but with the material lining impact, friction and crushing, which reduces the angle of pollution, to extend the mechanical wear time. Vortex cavity inside the clever air from the cycle, eliminating the dust pollution.
PCL1025B sand making machine
1, unique Liu riveting technology to increase the body’s strength and toughness, effectively reduce the machine resonance.
2, hydraulic maintenance arm, greatly reducing maintenance costs.
3, a variety of broken way to meet the needs of different materials broken.
4, the use of imported bearings to ensure stable operation of the machine.
5, dual-pump design, the normal use of only one pump work, only in the pressure, the flow can not reach the set value, the second work, or the first oil pump failure, the second automatically open to To ensure the normal operation of the host.


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