Everyone is equal

Activist body is a resistive challenging body with a defying norm. In other words, activist bodies is someone who goes against the norms in society who break the rules and are not willing to change. Either way activist body wants to be seen and heard. Lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) community in the 70’s, in the United States, were unable to express who they were in real life hiding their sexual orientation. More over LGBT community were legally and socially discriminated in the Unites States. They had to live a double life pretending to be this family oriented American citizen following the norms and rules that society has given them. Exposing their open sexual orientation was a huge risk to loose their jobs, their family members and the people around them. I think now is very common to see these people on the street and T.V. LGBT community are been more acceptable into society having them a higher position at jobs with out been discriminating. Harvey Milk was the first openly gay politician. Who was an activist for the gay rights who fought for equality and who started the gay movement. I think he was very brave to fight for equality, even though now is illegal to be discriminated for their sexual orientation at the time it was harder to be accepted and LGBT community were judged to be different. This activism started in the city of San Francisco. Instead of running for authorities gay people choose to protest their right by visiting gay bars at the Castro street in San Francisco. Facing discrimination even in their tolerant areas, which is Castro Street, police brutally attacked them or sometimes even kill them and burned their local businesses. LGBT community started expressing their selves by protesting with their bodies and by having their own flag. Marching naked or in tiny underwear was the only way to be heard and to be seen. Not following the legally and socially norms LGBT community choose to fight by showing their love with the same sex by kissing and holding hands in public. Even tough there are laws that have been passed for same sex marriage. I think they still face discrimination by some calling them names or for portraying themselves as not good people for the society and the church.

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