The strategies I used in this video is a POV — a point of view shot, it means audience would know what was the cameraman seeing at that time. When people are watching a movie filmed by this strategy, they would feel immersive and have resonance with the man on the screen. 
 I took this film in central park which is a public place near the UTS tower. It is composed of a green space and a major max-use public building; there are some clothes shops and many restaurants in the building and many benches on the green space. So this is a good place for people to relax enjoy their life in the busy city. There are seven scenes in my film, these scenes show what I was seeing and what did I do. Such as the first and second scene, people could know I was eating at that time. I use time-lapse photography in the fourth scenes and sixth scenes to make things move faster than real life, but they have different meaning. The fourth scene shows a big metal circle turns around, the beautiful sky as the background, people would feel relax. I took the sixth scene on the veranda, there are many cars on the road and they move fast. It shows the busy city and forms a contrast with the relaxing time in the park.

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